Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Ella and Aye Myat

Once upon time there was a princess called Aye Myat and there was a bird called Ella. Aye Myat lived in a beautiful castle and Ella lived in a magical garden. First Aye Myat was really bored so she went outside. Next Aye Myat was playing around Ella's magical garden, Aye Myat saw a teeny little bird crying and Aye Myat said "what's the matter teeny little bird and what's your name"said Aye Myat. Ella said"I can't find food for my self and my name is Ella"said the teeny little bird, Aye Myat had an idea. So she garbed Ella and went to a lovely rainbow. When Aye Myat and Ella were almost at the lovely rainbow, Aye Myat and Ella found their self 's at a wonderful water fall. So Aye Myat and Ella went down the water fall and when they went down they saw lots of colours. After that Aye Myat and Ella went to the lovely rainbow and found some food for Ella. Finally Aye Myat and Ella went back to their homes and Aye Myat took a little nap.

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