Thursday, 14 June 2018

The story Matariki

In a beautiful valley where trees grew tall there lived the seven sisters who made wonderful kites for harvest. The first sister made a native green kite out of harakeke bush. The second sister made a wonderful orange kite out of raupo bush. The third sister made a pretty ping kite out of manuka bush. The fourth sister made a lovely red kite out of puriri tree. The fifth sister made a sparkling blue kite the colour of the river. The sixth sister made a plane white kite out of toetoe bush. The seventh sister, most smartest sister made a rainbow kite it was fantastic and her name was Matariki. After all their hard work making their amazing kites they took their kites up to the hill to fly them, but sadly there was no wind so the tied their kites to the puriri tree and took a nap. During that night the wind blew all the kites right off the tree. Later that night Matariki woke up and found out that all of the kites are gone then she started crying, all that crying made her other sisters wake up and they also found out that all the kites were gone. So all the sisters started looking for their kites but Matariki looked up in the night sky and saw all their kites it was like their were dancing in the sky. So each morning Matariki rose in the morning sky, signalling the start of new year the end.

Friday, 1 June 2018

My Zoo trip

As i walked around the zoo it was freezing cold under my rainy jacket. It was so cold i had to share jackets with my friend maddison. I was trying to look for a patch of sunshine to warm me up, but I was at the zoo ready for a great day with my class.

My favourite animal was the Cheetah. He had lots of black spots around his yellow fur. I was scared that i almost fell down because he came right up to me and he scratched the glass with his sharp claws.

My other favourite animal was the Elephant. He had a long grey trunk and he had long big flappy ears.
My most favourite part about the Elephant was how he had big white tusk wow Elephants are cool.

After looking at  all my favourite animals we went to the NZ Native bush and birds. We were all learning about kiwis things like how big is a kiwi egg  and a baby kiwi has to learn to survive on its own.
Then we went to the night forest to see real kiwi. We all walk around looking at the amazing
Kiwi and when we look up and we saw glowing stars. I had lots of fun there.

At the end of my Zoo trip i had a lot of fun but mostly tired and i learn that a Cheetah can see a whole
Rugby feild wow what a day.

Friday, 18 May 2018


Pt England school is learning how to recycle by using three rubbish bins. The red bin is for food that can not be recycle like apples, bananas and pears. The yellow bin is for hard plastic like plastic forks and spoons and yoghurt containers. The black bin is for soft plastic like chip packets and muesli bar wraps. 

We started using those three rubbish bins so we could save our animals, people and our world because once we are all adults there will be plastic rubbish in the sea. So it is important that you put your rubbish in the right bin to make our world a much better place to live in.

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Rube Goldberg Machine

My Rube Goldberg machine uses 5 simple machines. First a ball (wheel )rolls down a ramp and hits the dominoes (lever). The last domino (lever)hits a hammer (wedge)and the hammer (wedge)hits the ball (wheel) and it goes down another ramp. The ball (wheel) goes up the sesaw (lever)and rolls down another ramp and falls into a pully and removes the car (wheel) and it rolls down a ramp and falls into a cup.

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Mufti and wheels day

My principal was on a penny board - yes that auctully happened at my own school.

The Associate principal was racing on his bike that was the the most amazing thing i saw. If a school wants to raise money they could make up a theme called Mufti and Wheels day.

On Friday everyone at Pt England school had Mufti and Wheels day at school and we all brought our wheels and we also had to bring a one or two dollar coin for the year 8 camp.

At the end of the day i felt really tired but i had lots of fun and my most favourite part was riding on my friends bike.

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Thank you Woolf Fisher

Thank you Woolf Fisher for all the wonderful pizza. We are all very blessed and
thank you for making this our lunch. From Finau