Friday, 11 August 2017

I am learning to tell the time



On Tuesday room 15 made simple clocks at Pt England. First Ms Eadie gave us plane paper plates, blue rules and a sharp pencils. Next we drew large numbers around the plate. Then we stuck a hole into the plate. After that we use pipe cleaners into the hole. Finally we got the crayons and designed our amazing clocks.

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Pollution animation

My animation of Tamarereti


Last week room 15 made some terrific dioramas about a Maori legend called Tamarereti. He was a young boy that escaped from theTaniwha and he put lovely stars in the sky. First We got to choose our own boxs and I choose day time so I chose a light blue paper. Next I picked other pieces of paper and cut it and stick it to the blue piece of paper and stick it to the box. After that I put some lovely paper on the sides of the box. In the end the end Ms Eadie gave me some stiff cardboard and I drew a Taniwha and a waka and I colour it and Ms Eadie stapled it to my outstanding diorama.