Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Santa delivers presents in New Zealand

Once upon time there was a man called Santa Clause he had a long white beard,he was a jolly man and he had a kind heart. Santa Clause lived in a cottage at North Pole where it was cold.

First Santa Clause and his Elves were getting ready the Christmas presents for the children. Secondly Santa elves help him put in the presents in his sleigh and he took offa Ross the word to new Zealand. 

NextsantaNd his reindeer made it to NewZealand. Santa never knew it was summer so he landed on the ground and realised it was hot so he tried lots of things to get back to the North Pole. He tried to fly back but his sleigh could not work. 

after that there were kids playing and they had lots of fun and one of them said "hey guys I think I can see Santa from all the way over there"  So all of them went to Santa.

Then all of them said " Hi Santa what's your problem, we can help you". Santa said " well  I cant get back back home so could you help Santa get back and help him deliver all the presents". 

All the kids helped Santa and everyone got present.

The end.

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