Monday, 21 August 2017

Stella and Grace

Once upon time there were 2 astronauts called Stella and Grace and they lived on Earth and their job was to track down Aliens who lived on Venus. First Stella and Grace flew around the solar system and they saw lots of planets. Next Stella and Grace saw Venus so they decided to land on Venus. Suddenly the Aliens popped up, Grace was on the other side and Stella was with the Aliens. When Stella saw the Aliens she freaked out and screamed out "help help ". After that Grace heard screaming from the other side, Grace went to Stella and she got her lazer gun out and she shot the Aliens. Finally Stella said to Grace "thank you for saving me "and Grace said "welcome Stella ",Stella and Grace got back into their rocket and flew back home and took a little nap.

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