Friday, 1 June 2018

My Zoo trip

As i walked around the zoo it was freezing cold under my rainy jacket. It was so cold i had to share jackets with my friend maddison. I was trying to look for a patch of sunshine to warm me up, but I was at the zoo ready for a great day with my class.

My favourite animal was the Cheetah. He had lots of black spots around his yellow fur. I was scared that i almost fell down because he came right up to me and he scratched the glass with his sharp claws.

My other favourite animal was the Elephant. He had a long grey trunk and he had long big flappy ears.

My most favourite part about the Elephant was how he had big white tusk wow Elephants are cool.

After looking at all my favourite animals we went to the NZ Native bush and birds. We were all learning about kiwis things like how big is a kiwi egg and a baby kiwi has to learn to survive on its own.

Then we went to the night forest to see real kiwi. We all walk around looking at the amazing

Kiwi and when we look up and we saw glowing stars. I had lots of fun there.

At the end of my Zoo trip i had a lot of fun but mostly tired and i learn that a Cheetah can see a whole

Rugby feild wow what a day.

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