Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Kate and JoJo

Once upon time there lived to girls called Kate and JoJo and they lived in a narmol house and they were playing at the park. First Kate and JoJo were playing on the flying fox. Next Kate and JoJo went down the bright blue slide. Suddenly Kate and JoJo saw a creepy witch and Kate and JoJo went up the slide. Then Kate and JoJo went up the bridge and the creepy witch got closer and went up the bridge after them. Next the creepy witch ran to Kate and JoJo and she Tried to kidnap JoJo. Kate ran to JoJo and killed the creepy witch wit her laser gun. Finally JoJo said to Kate " thanks for saving my life Kate " and Kate said "your welcome JoJo "and they went back home.

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