Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Pania and the Taniwha

Once upon time there lived a Maori girl called Pania and she lived in a Whare near the bushes. The bushes were covered with lovely Ratas and Tall kauri trees. 

One early morning Pania goes to her friends the rat's. Pania loves her friends the rat's because they eat the bugs in her house. But the rat's were terrified because a scary Taniwha had tried to eat them.

The next day Pania feels upset about the rat's. So Pania go's to the God of the stream RiverNui. Pania said to RiverNui "can you please stop the Taniwha from eating the rats ". RiverNui said to the Taniwha "can you please go hunt somewhere else.So the Taniwha agreed with RiverNui and the Taniwha promised to never hunt the rat's again.

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