Friday, 2 July 2021

Tech @ Tamaki Stem/Science

Task 1: The science behind bubbles.(watch a video/take notes)
Bubble liquid is made out of bubbles and water. You use a bubble wand to blow bubbles out. Don’t blow too hard or else you will blow that liquid out so blow slowly. The bubble is like a sandwich. The bread is the soap and the filling is the water. You also need air so that you can make a bubble. You can not blow water and make bubbles because water is made out of particles and sticks together. If you blow bubbles with a triangle wand, it will still be a round bubble because of the water. The water sticks together and doesn’t separate.

Task 2: Watch a video about bubble tricks.
Caterpillar, get a straw and blow bubbles on top of each other.
Bubble Carousel, blow two medium size bubbles and then blow small bubbles to make seats.
Cube Bubble, blow two medium bubbles and then blow 4 small bubbles around it. Stick your straw inside and blow gently to make a cube.

Purpose: Making bubbles.
Equipment: a set of scales, 250ml beaker, a calibrated syringe, a stirring rod.
Fill the 250 ml beaker half full, that is measure 125 mls water. Weigh 5 grams of sugar. Measure 3 mls of glycerol and add to the solution. Stir it all together and blow the bubbles gently.

Hello everyone, it's me Finau. Today we had science class (tech @ tamaki). We were learning about the science behind bubbles. I enjoyed it and found it interesting. I worked with Aye and Adriana. I hope you have enjoyed this post. Please leave a positive comment o my blog. Bye!

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